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Product quality – is our main idea!

Supermarket chain «Tabris» exists and develops in the Russian market over 19 years. From the very beginning we set the task to create a modern prompt service store with a high-grade service and а large variety of food commodities. This task was completed. «Tabris» soon gained the customer’s confidence and after a while we decided that one store is not enough. In such a way was our company changed into a distributor network in 2001. 

«Tabris» is situated in Krasnodar region. 
10 supermarkets are located in the regional center. 
Krasnodar is the largest marketplace in the south of Russia. Population: 786 000 people. 
1 supermarket is situated in the city of Novorossiysk. Novorossiysk is an important transport hub, the largest Russian port on the Black Sea, which includes passenger port, cargo ports and oil loading terminal. Population: 228 739 people. 

11 supermarkets in Krasnodar are conveniently located in all main areas ofcity. 
«Tabris» is presented in two formats:
- «supermarket», trading area over 600 sq.m.; 
- «Tabris-Center», a supermarket with area of more than 1 200 sq.m. and a shopping mall with areas to let. Among the renters are pharmacies, media stores and others shops and services in the most demand. 
Opening hours of all the supermarkets: 08:00 to 01:00. 


  • Assortment committee. All the goods undergo a quality examination by an independent assortment Commission, only after that the goods can be displayed on the supermarket shelves.
  • Supermarkets selling areas. Convenient layout, navigation, high-quality lighting, modern design solutions – everything for the customers comfort and for the shopping with pleasure.
  • Qualified staff. Selling assistants are trained in own educational center of the company, certifications and personnel improvement of professional skill are held annually.
  • Information center. Receives and processes the incoming information, advises customers concerning the products and services. Works daily from 09:00 to 21:00.


  • Unique products from all over the world. Oysters, Sevan crawfish, marble beef and seafood are delivered from various corners of the world by plane to get fresh onto customer's table.
  • Diabetic, dietary and bio products. Expanded assortment of the dietary and diabetic goods for the people with a particular diet.
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables. An extensive assortment of fresh fruits and vegetables, usual and the exclusive, available all the year round.
  • Own made production. Ready meals of in-house preparation by the recipes of the network Senior Chef.


  • The advanced order. Order by the phone. Gathering of the goods before the arrival of the buyer.
  • Corporate cooperation. Possibility of dealing with legal entities under the clearing settlement.
  • Ready decisions. Ready decisions of gift sets are always on sale. The buyer can also create his own gift basket by the advanced order or being in a trading floor.
  • Master classes and tastings. Different gastronomic feasts, master classes on cooking with the participation of network Senior Chef, tasting


  • The monthly free edition. The official publication of a trading network «Tabris» harmoniously unites in itself the catalog of the goods and the magazine on the gastronomic theme.
  • Circulation: 60 000 copies. Each number is a multipage travel to this or that country, including stories of local residents about their cuisine, the culinary notes made by skilled travelers, the recipes of national dishes, reviews of the best local wines, disclosure of the original abilities of habitual and more surprising products.
  • Information articles about the products and the goods. Issued 11 times a year, since May, 2002, from 96 to 128 pages.
  • Recipes. The circulation most part is exclusively presented on firm racks in nine supermarkets «Tabris». Also the latest issue can always be found at the offices of trading network partners.